President Trump taught a lesson

Funny cartoons, the prediction of the world’s electronic and print media and the reports of the surveys proved Trump inefficient and inappropriate in comparison to Hillary. Many of the world renowned TV channels and newspapers declared Hillary the winner of the elections. The reality was not even in the nightmare of the people that it will be Trump to be elected as president of the USA. The victory of Trump proved all of them wrong. There were rumors on media and social media that the riots in the USA might not allow him to take oath but he took oath last day. They opined he may be misfit for the post of the president but he is now president of the USA. What next….
Coming to the inaugural speech of Trump, it must have touched the hearts of the Americans because he promised to create job opportunities for his country fellows and to upgrade their living standard by eradicating poverty. He went on to say against the policies of previous governments:
“Their victories have not been your victories; their triumphs have not been your triumphs and while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. That all changes starting right here, and right now.”

Let us only discuss the part of his speech in relevance to his domestic policy as the foreign policy has yet to be decided and the fluctuation in foreign policies of the countries have never been sudden. If the policy of one country suddenly changes, it changes due to a sudden unwanted incident.
He has touched the hearts of the Americans by asking them to give them the power and upraise their economic conditions. He promised to bring economic prosperity and the Americans must have loved to watch it.
His words gave an impression that he will focus to bring radical change in the lives of the Americans. His election campaign was based on the domestic issues and Americans might have elected him due to his domestic policy.
“From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs.”
As New York Times has reported that Trump has finally explained the phrase ‘America First’. The history of previous American presidents lack this specific meaning of the phrase America first. They all used this phrase in relation to international affairs but Trump has used this phrase for the common American people. The forgotten Americans might have loved to listen these words. With a controversial personality, he raised himself to the president of the superpower.
His victory taught few lessons:
1) Electronic and print media must only be used to broadcast news instead of predicting about future
2) The reports of the surveys doesn’t matter in reality
3) People prefer to bring prosperity in their lives instead of creating anarchy in other nations
4) The politicians have learned not to rely on the media predictions
5) Your personal life has no link with your victory

Time will decide his real victory and it is useless to predict.


True Modern Love

Anger, bullets, weapon, and love were the expressions apparent on the face of a university student who was drowned into the love of a captivating girl. “I cannot live without her. Love has captured me from every sight. Her only sight makes me a bird diving high into the air. I am much more me when I am with her.” These were the sentences he often used to speak with his fellows. Every one believed that he was the true lover. Soon his story of one sided love got immense popularity in the university campus. Teenage love has its own charm. It is an age when one hardly cares about the world and its matters. It is the age of passion and it is probably very difficult to find a person who did not fall in love in that period of age. Teenage love and its power is difficult to manage. One has to remain in his/her senses at this particular age.
He tried to approach the girl but he was not entertained. It was an irony that the girl was his senior and he was a new comer in the university. Time moved on but he was unable to attract the attention of the girl. He never got disappointed and kept explaining his feelings to the girl but all in vain. It happened that the girl slightly started having a soft corner for the boy with the passage of time but the boy never demanded any sympathies from her. He only demanded love for the sake of love. He had used all the tactics to attain her attention but could not get her love. He had lost all the hopes so he decided to take a very serious step.
Oh, what was he thinking? Was he going to do something dangerous?
Sitting in the company of his friends he narrated the story of his incomplete love and with a sigh of grief, he said “I will ask her to either kill me or love me”. He had not completed the sentence yet and one of his friend approved his stance. After five minutes, every one sitting in his hostel room, approved his idea of kill or love. His friends were very excited and two of them arranged pistol with brand new bullets. It was decided that the bullets must be new in order to make it a memorable story to be told for centuries. He thought his friends were loyal to him and he had great feelings of care for them in his heart.
The very next morning he moved towards the university campus and one of his friends provided him with his own overcoat so that he must look decent and loveable to the girl. He went to the girl and asked her to accompany him a while. She with a beautiful smile approved the request and started moving along the boy with her two girlfriends. The two girls were her class fellows. They sat down in the library lawn and the boy said:
Boy: Do you love me?
Girl: No (without any hesitation)
Boy: Okay, It’s all your choice to love me or not but I cannot think to live without your love so I have a suggestion for you.
Girl: what?
Boy: love me or kill me
Girl: (With a smile) Ok. I chose the second option. It is difficult for me to love you but I can kill you. I need a weapon for that purpose and I don’t have any weapon. (She was not aware from the intentions of the boy because she was constantly smiling).
Boy: Here it is. (He brought one pistol out from the inner pocket of his coat) Take it and kill me. I cannot live without you.
The very sight of the pistol made the girl flood into tears and her two girlfriends ran away. Those two had probably thought that they are going to kill each other. There were many other university fellows sitting in the lawn. The scene has attracted the attention of all. Such incidents always attract others attraction. People love to watch others sufferings. It is not the suffering that hurts but the attitude of the fellow beings pinches more. The more we are getting modernized the more we are going away from humanity.
No one intervened and they continued with their pistol. The girl was unable to speak a single sentence and she kept on crying with big tears and low voice of crying. The boy observed the sensitivity of the time and asked the girl to leave if she cannot kill him. As she listened the sentence, she abruptly stood up and started running towards the side of the library where his friends used to stand and gossip. She went to them and could not speak a single sentence but crying. She just spoke these sentences,” He is going to kill himself. He will kill me too. He is having a pistol. Please save him and me.” His friends tried to make her relax and asked her to go home. She started moving towards university bus.
The boy appeared from the other corner of the library and all his friends rushed towards him and started scolding him. They asked him that he had done an immoral act. They snatched the pistol form the boy. They were much afraid to see the pistol loaded with the brand new shining bullets. The friends were same who had instigated him to materialize his idea of kill him or love him. They were all shocked at that act of their friend and they told him in a serious tone that they were all kidding last night with him. His friends realized the intensity of his love and repented at their act of instigating him. The story spread in the university like fire in the forest. People came to know the reality of love. His love story was at every tongue at that day. People started calling it a true love. In spite of all that the intentions of the boy were very dangerous and nobody bothered to investigate it in order to avoid such incident in future.
I met the boy in evening and asked what a nonsense he had committed by keeping his life at stake. He took me in the corner and asked he would tell all the truth if I kept it all confidential. I promised to do so. He, with a serious note, told me that he had drowned into the love of that girl and there was no way to retreat. He said he just said it in words but his friends made him to do it by instigating him. He told me that he changed his mind when all of his friends were sleeping and he alone was awakening and making plan of the coming day.
I asked to explain the phrase ‘change of his mind’.
He said, “I thought it would be dangerous to give her the pistol because she might fire the bullet and kill me. I made a plan to make her feel the intensity of my love and to save my life at the same time. I gave her the pistol but nobody knows the reality that the pistol was completely empty and there was no bullet in it.” He said he loaded the pistol again when the girl had gone. He loaded the pistol again to show his friends the intensity of his love.
It was another aspect of love came into my knowledge and I termed it “True Modern Love” and I believe this type of love is far superior to other types. This love is more beautiful because it cannot harm others but spreads laughter all around.
A girl cannot be the destination of a successful man and a man cannot be the destination of an ambitious girl. Love exists and it clutches us at times but love teaches us love not inhumanity.

With a Little Apology to Ladies

It was Italy. A news became headline of electronic media about a month ago that a newly married couple divorced on the very next day of their marriage. Many couples get divorced every day but media never bothered to make it a breaking news. This specific divorce got the attention of the world media because the reason of the divorce was very interesting for everyone to know. It was reported that the husband was very happy on the day of marriage and found his wife a very beautiful one. He was very happy. The next morning turned the tables because of his astonishment after looking his wife. He saw a women who was contrary in looks and charms to the women whom he married. He learned that it was all the art of beauty parlor and make up. He not only divorced the lady but filed a case of cheating against her in the court. So, the news got the attention of all the people specially the husbands.
This make up like art has deceived many men all around the world. Men fall in love with women soon specially the women with captivating charms. They are often attracted by the ladies who look charming at first glance. The irony is that only the women, with this make up like art, immediately attract the attention of poor men. Men fall in love soon but when this make up like art is removed, they start repenting at their sagacity and choice and poor men are born to do so.
Once I met with a professor of the university along with my friend. It was my first acquaintance with the professor. He was in good relation to my friend. The professor had retired a month before. Probably he was the one who had repented on his wit a lot. The discussion directly started with a famous topic of LOVE. The professor was of the view that love is an illusion. It looks beautiful at first but when the reality comes out, we are left with only regrets.
He said he wanted to support his stance with the example of fruits and vegetables. With suspense and intrigue, we asked him to proceed. He said “we go to market every day to buy vegetables and fruits. Sometimes, coming back home at night times we look at the fruits glittering with electricity lights. We get mesmerized with the beauty of the fruits that is visible from the front. We simply ask the vendor to pack two or three kg of fruit. We are happy until the reality is exposed to us. The importance of illusion cannot be ignored in life. As we reach home. We open the packet of fruit. To our surprise we find the fruit rotten or inedible. We sit down with a shock and start condemning our choice or abusing the fruit vendor. The vendors usually decorate the few fresh and edible pieces on the front to attract the attention of the customer but under the pile the rotten and inedible fruits lay waiting for innocent customer to be bought. He further added that the story of buying fruit is similar to fall in love with women. The charming and pretty looks of the women grasp the attention of men just like the glittering fruits but when the reality is exposed, men are left only with regret and repentance.”
It was my first and last meeting with the professor but I could never forget his logic of buying fruits and falling in love to a lady.
It was that specific moment when I came to know why the women buy fruits at day time…..

Essence of love in present era

Love is life. Life is colorless without love. Love is blind. Senses least work in love. These are the sentences that we daily listen from different people and many times others listen the same from us. It is true that life is colorless without love and to make it colored you need to have every aspect of love in life. It is said that love is natural phenomenon and at certain times we blindly fall in love.
We experience many incidents in life about the dark picture of today’s love. We experience from our surroundings about the suicides committed by young girls and boys just because they were stopped to meet their loved ones or they could not grasp the attention of their beloved. If we believe in the philosophy of “love is life”, then, what are the factors that force us to lay our most precious thing “Life”. If you recall for a moment you can recollect many of such suicide incidents in your life and certainly you feel sorry for the death of the poor young girls and boys.
I came across many such incidents and I am narrating them one by one.

I met my school mate after ten years of passing school and he told me about a class fellow of ours who committed suicide. With an astonishment I asked why and for what. He replied with a sad voice that people say that he had an argument with his parents and in anger he committed suicide. He continued with a lower voice because of a girl to whom he loved a lot. She was perhaps engaged somewhere else or refused to further carry on the relation with him. It may have be possible that his parents might have refused to accept the girl as their daughter in law. Whatever the reason was, his parents were broken due to his suicide.
One of my friends narrated a story of suicide committed by a young girl. He told me that he was sitting at a railway station waiting for the train. He saw a beautiful young girl sitting on the same platform. She was sitting cool and calm and there were no signs of grief at her face. A slow moving train came close to the platform, the girl got up from the seat and without any hurry starting moving towards the train. As the train came very close, she jumped down from the platform and collided with the train. It was really shocking for all and sundry sitting at the platform. Her parents came soon searching her and were unable to control their feelings when they saw their daughter perished. These were the parents who were left with no other option except to cry and yell.
Another story was narrated by a friend that a married man fall in love with a girl of socially low status background. His family asked him to leave the girl and pay attention to his son and wife. He didn’t think about the life of his son and wife. He drank a bottle of pesticide that caused death. He was the only son of his parents. The parents were left with mourn and grief.
These are some of the examples that I have narrated here. These are all the true stories. Every day we read many such stories in the newspaper. There are different inhuman activities narrated in the newspapers but suicide due to love with opposite gender hurts us more because they die an unnatural death.
I, sometimes, think that what are the psychological forces impel a young fellow to commit suicide. It may be the prevailing magical spell of the beloved but a thought comes into my mind that thinking, perception, and priorities change with the passage of time because change is in the blood of human beings. We usually get bored with the same routine. It haunts me to recollect all the suicides of young fellows when there are is nothing important than life.
Sometimes, I presume the instigation of the friends. It may be the friends and family relatives that stir up the emotions of the young fellows and they do not find any escape than death. They get covered with the shadow of Film Love (Filmi Muhabbat) and their young minds get too much involved in the philosophy of sacrificing the life for the sake of beloved. It may put a psychological impact on them and they feel it honor to lay down their live for true love. The suicides committed by lovers in our literature and movies are the factors that influence the young minds to this commit this horrible act. It is an illustrious fact that the influence of literature and movies cannot be ignored in any community.
Another phenomenon which I believe is the actual reason behind such suicides is “EGO”. Ego is the most decisive factor in taking emotional decisions. Such kind of young fellows perceive every act against their ego contrary to their beliefs. The decisive factor is neither love nor beloved but the ego of the people who are very sensitive about it. They take it a direct attack to their self-respect when they are refused to have anything or person of their choice in their lives. They find only escape in death.
Whatever the reasons and factors are but the young minds are not groomed properly. They have every right to spend a long life. It is a fact that such incidents are difficult to stop because the individuals find escape in suicide. The number of such suicides are increasing day by day. No certain steps are taken at government level to stop such incidents.
Media and social media can play a vital role to minimize the number of suicides. Government should circulate adds on media containing philosophy of importance of life, the forbidden of suicide in Islam and the condition of the parents after the death of their young ones. The most important mean to stop this evil is to include philosophy of Islam about the forbidden of suicide in the syllabus of school. If the young minds are taught the importance of life from the very beginning of their school, the number of such incidents may be avoided.
The school going children must be taught to have an aim in life and they should be directed to move in the right direction to achieve the aims. If they are stuck to their aims, they will certainly endeavor to put their maximum energy to achieve the aims. Working hard to achieve their aims, will engage them mentally and they will hardly think about the coward act of committing suicide. An aimless life moves to every disastrous path of which suicide is one.

Creation of Infinite Scholars/Intellectuals and Few Followers

Let us go back a decade and recollect. Let us make a comparison of present with a decade ago happenings. Let us pay some serious consideration to the gains and losses in past ten years. Let us work together to make a comprehensive analysis that may prove helpful for us to avoid prevailing misconception. Let us start…..
I start from the time when I was not familiar with the use of Facebook and, if my memory is not misleading me, I was asked by a friend; “Do you have a Facebook account”, I was bewildered to listen this word and abruptly answered “No”. I thought what on earth this Facebook is! My friend, with a sense of superiority, told me about the details and use of Facebook and my Facebook account was created within no time. That was the year 2009-10. I started using it with excitement and found it interesting tool to spent leisure time.
All was going well, people used to share their pictures, poetry and other useful material which was important to them. With the passage of time, people started sharing various quotations by different names. That was the beginning of cataclysm. We took the initiative to use the same as we used to do in the time of ‘Free Message Packages” offered by the mobile phone companies. We never bothered to investigate the authenticity of any saying, or any religious teaching before sharing it. That was the time when we started suffering from the phobia of intellectualism. You sent a forward message to your friends or family members and their reply “Waah, Good one, Kamaal, Mashallah etc” compelled you to feel a sense of intellectualism. We turned to be fabricated scholars by sending forward texts which we never investigated.
Facebook was more fascinating for us to show our intellectualism as it consisted of colorful depictions. This phobia of ‘so called’ intellectualism was unstoppable and we never took any care about the posts that we shared. We used to calculate the number of “Likes” and “Shares” as it was in vogue that the value of the shared post is only analyzed by the increasing number of likes and shares. This act of society made us hollow and took us far away from reality and books. We even not spared our caliphs, saints and the translations of the verses of the Holy Quran. We just focused to get number one position in the race of fabricated intellectualism.
For instance, I read a post about Saadat Hassan Manto just few days ago in which the different lines from the chapter “Babu Gopinath” were yoked in violence together without giving its context. All of us are well aware from the core fact that we cannot grasp the essence of the message in writing unless the context is comprehended. The meanings of the selected lines are entirely changed when taken from the text without referring back to its context. So, I read ‘Babu Gopinath’ and sent all the text back to the friend so that the meanings can be understood in a better perspective.
We were fully intoxicated in our Facebook intellectualism and we received new means of social media like twitter, wayn, Linkedin, and the list is constantly increasing. It was ‘Twitter” that seemed appropriate to us to show our unstoppable lust for intellectualism. The use of androids made it more convenient for us to spread our intellectualism that we thought inevitable for all and sundry. It triggered a race of social media intellectualism and the number of participants increased at a rapid speed and is still increasing with a velocity of 1000 km/h. One simply astonishes by the observation of more intellectuals and less followers on Facebook in our country.
We have been divided in the name of province, religion, sect, caste and language by the opportunists who used these factors to create enmity between us in order to achieve their illegal gains. We criticize them and they must be criticized severely. They deceived us and we abuse them and there is nothing wrong with it. But, why we have made us so flexible and hollow that we can be deceived so easily. Our own deeds, sense of fabricated intellectualism and artificial popularity have collectively made all our senses dead. We cannot see what is going around us although we are blessed by two eyes by Allah Almighty. We cannot hear although we are blessed by tow ears. We cannot think although we are blessed with a brain. We have to reconsider our priorities. We have to use all the senses in the right direction which are blessed to us by Allah Almighty. Let us not deceive ourselves. Let us not live in fool’s paradise. Let us open our mind to reach at the truth. Let us live a real life. Let us teach our fellow beings to move in the right direction. It is one of the basic solution of our increasing problems.